Helping Balkan startups, around the world scale & achieve escape velocity.

FQV is an early stage VC fund focused on investing in startups from the Western Balkans.

Balkan founders around the globe and any startup considering Balkans as their talent competitive advantage. We are operators and once we build conviction around a startup, we aim to be the first sizable institutional money by leading the rounds and taking a board seat to ensure we can move the needle for our portfolio companies in a significant way.

Our Approach

Three Investment Strategies Each Reinforcing One Another.

Investing in startups based in Western Balkans

Top startups from the region with proven founders and business model, startups that currently skip local investors (outgrow them) and we help them with intros to top foreign VC.

Balkan founders around the world

Startups run by Serbian and Croatian founders in diaspora who can benefit from our connections to more effectively operate parts of their business from Serbia and Croatia.

Startup with presence in the Balkans

Elite US/Canadian startups who need help with product building & faster execution. Here we take an active role in team and product building (setting up teams here in the region) to secure an allocation in a round led by a Tier 1 VC from the Valley.